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Submitted by Pakiza on Sat, 06/10/2018 - 18:02

Dear World Mountain Forum (WMF) participant,

Please be informed that the Government of Kyrgyzstan has agreed to provide visas on arrival (Manas Airport), free of charge, for all participants of the World Mountain Forum 2018 who require visas.

For people requiring visas, we have provided all received passport copies to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, in order to ensure that support letters are provided for participants who might otherwise have problems traveling to Kyrgyzstan. In addition, based on the provided passports, participants will be issued individual 6-digit codes to ensure the receipt of free visa on arrival. The 6-digit codes will be sent out once the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reviewed and cleared the submitted passports no sooner than approximately 2 weeks before the World Mountain Forum. If you decide to forgo the visa process in your home country prior to receiving the 6-digit code, you will be required to follow the standard consular procedure for applying for a visa to Kyrgyzstan and pay the required fee.

Please be kindly advised that UCA is doing all that can be done to ensure a faster and more efficient process, however it does NOT have full control over the process (or its speed) to generate the necessary paperwork.

Accordingly, please do not respond to this message, as we are unable to provide any more detailed information at this time. This message aims simply to provide you with an update regarding the visa process in light of a high level of inquires being received. Thank you for your understanding. 
WMF Team

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Sat, 06/10/2018 - 17:22

Dear poster presenters,

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